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VOL.7 No.2 July-December 2018
ISSN : 2286-9867
Research Article
5 Factors Influencing to Behavior in Solid Waste Management by 3Rs Technique of Undergraduate Student
Difference Groups
    Onuma Prachpreecha
24 Characteristics of CSR Activities and Perceived Feedbacks on International Business Travelers' Experience:
A Study in Thailand
    Montakan Chubchuwong
39 - The Analysis of News Selection Criteria in the Digital Age: The Case Study of the Bangkok Broadcasting
Television Channel 7
    Natchanon Apasrirat and Patama Satawedin
49 - Adversity Quotient and Resiliency Predicting Career Success of Teachers in Secondary Schools
    Manop Chunin Chanadda Petchprayoon and Somrutai Khongngam
63 - Revising Herzberg's Two Factor Model: A Case Study of Medical Service in Yangon, Myanmar
    Nwe Nwe Aye and Veerisa Chotiyaputta
76 - Entrepreneurial Marketing Strategic Posture, Marketing Activities, and Firm Performance: Evidence from the
Thai Hotel Industry
    Charnsid Leelakasemsant and Pattana Boonchoo
105 - Factors Associated with Levels of Future Orientation among Vocational Students in Bangkok
    Srisakul Premruthai Somsak Suthutvoravut and Komkrit Aimjirakul
117 - An Evaluation of the 12 Values among Students in Northern Thailand
    Natthapol Jaengaksorn Sareeya Chotitham and Suwimon Wongwanich
Academic Article
130 Strategies for Adaptation of Tertiary Educational Institutions in the Digital World
    Warren A. Shipton and Kamolnan Taweeyanyongkul