APHEIT International Journal (AIT) aims to publish the academic articles, the research articles, and to be the international stage for exchange of knowledge advancement. Every article was peer reviewed by the paper reviewers of each subject area, who are from various educational institutions.

                 In fact, nowadays higher education for Thailand 4.0 confronts a challenge of “New-Age Learning”. It is a transitional period for education to knowledge-based economy. The new-age learning places great emphasis on the production of new blood graduates so that they become the competent and qualified manpower for innovation and create value-added product and service. Thus, every university needs to change its role as a lifelong learning organization, a knowledge center with emphasis on creativity and targeted research as well as on an entrepreneur incubation center with the capability of innovation and commercial development. Besides, integration across disciplines, individual learning needs and the instructor’s changing role are encouraged to develop the learners’ competency and skills with the new instructional media. These focus more on learning and professional development at the same time. Therefore, the instructors in a new era of learning should change their roles as facilitators, coaches, motivators, and mentors. Today these changing roles are a challenging direction and crucial to the development of university 4.0.

                Lastly, the editorial board of APHEIT International Journal (AIT) Volume 7 hopes that this journal becomes a stage used for academic presentation that stimulates the new-age learning for researchers, scholars, and readers. This needs participation to inspire truly great ideas that bring paradigm shift and cause the changes of learning approaches, creation, innovation, and youth 4.0 who understands the world shaped by digital technology in accordance with Thailand 4.0 policy. We would like to express our appreciation to our reviewers, committee members, proofreaders, and everyone who constantly show support through quality development as well as the AIT standard. We look forward to welcoming you to recommend us for better improvement.


                                                                                                                 Tiparatana Wongcharoen, Assoc. Prof. Dr.